Knowing the Score

an investigation of improvisational structures

Museum of Arts and Design 
2 Columbus Circle
Saturday, September 24th, 2011; 11AM – 5PM

A score is a plan.  A score is a preparation.  A score is a map, a topography, a terrain.  A score is something to explore.

During this one-day, museum-wide event, I offered an improvisational score through which to investigate the use of scoring in dance and performance.  I invited a number of consummate improvisers to participate in the investigation, and visitors to the museum were invited to participate in certain elements of the event as well.

This score included a panel discussion about improvisation, that was also itself an improvisation  with panelists Milka Djordjevich, Ishmael Houston-Jones, and Yvonne Meier. It included a marathon lobby performance by Jillian Sweeney of Personal Effects, a score of personal objects that Jillian and I developed together (pictured in header).  It included an opportunity for the audience to try scores by Jodi Bender (Ways to Walk), Rebecca Davis (Weather Bodies), and Ursula Eagly (Killing Game and Humming Game) .

The score also included In and Out of Uniform, a relay of an improvisational score I created, featuring a jacket originally designed by Liz Prince for Ishmael Houston-Jones.  The following artists interpreted the score in relay:  Maggie Thom, Kennis Hawkins, Enrico D. Wey, Aretha Aoki, Milka Djordjevich, Arturo Vidich, me (Jen Rosenblit was sick), Jodi Bender, Rebecca Davis, Will Rawls, Carolyn Hall, and Tara O’Con.