We deserve each other.

This is not a performance, but it includes performance.  This is not an exhibition, but things will be on display.  This is a thank-you card.  This is a love letter.  This is a structure for exchange.

We deserve each other. was presented at The Chocolate Factory Theater in March of 2011, and the project will continue in various forms, as an evolving collection and presentation of memories, artifacts, and histories relating to experimental dance and performance in New York City.

To view photos of the event at The Chocolate Factory Theater, click here.

To read my pre-event interview with Culturebot, click here.

To read some responses, click here and here.

Conceived as a love letter to the NY performance community that has been my home for the past ten years, We deserve each other. began with a series of solos performed over the summer of 2010.  Each of these short works was created as an homage to a specific person (or in some cases two) who have been my inspiring collaborators over the past decade.

After each of these intimate performances, I posted a bit about my experience presenting the work.  You can read these posts by clicking on the names below.

Travis Chamberlain
Ursula Eagly

Brian Rogers and Sheila Lewandowski

Jillian Sweeney

Rachel Tiemann and Matt Kinney

Tara O’Con

Chloe Brown

Mary McKenzie