this is for you:

thanks for making me wonder
thanks for freaking me out
thanks for A—- and J—-
thanks for the haunted house
thanks for the lamps and the story
thanks for the instructions
thanks for providing a mirror
thanks for happy hour
thanks for the ear
thanks for the egg
thanks for introducing me to J—- as well as vodka-and-ginger
thanks for considering the audience
thanks for making me hold my breath
thanks for not killing me after the party
thanks for making this space
thanks for not messing with B—-
thanks for always having music when I’ve forgotten mine
thanks for always saying yes, after you’ve said no
thanks for focusing my attention
thanks for the M—- shoes picture
thanks for asking questions
thanks for trying it, even when you had no idea what I was talking about
thanks for putting up with Strindberg
thanks for letting me borrow your car
thanks for the Bailey’s in the snow
thanks for the balcony
thanks for the bees
thanks for telling it like it is and still looking for magic

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1 Response to Practice_3

  1. chloe says:

    i love this.
    giving thanks is a great practice.
    thanks for reminding me.

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