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THROW [21]

Isn’t March supposed to go out like a lamb?  Nor’easter or not, tonight brings another installment of THROW at The Chocolate Factory Theater.  Grab your galoshes and join us: THROW [21] Aretha Aoki, Jodi Bender, and Amanda Loulaki March 30.2010 at 7PM The … Continue reading

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It’s a little bit me; it’s a little bit you…

Who is your audience?  I challenge colleagues with this question frequently and badger myself with it constantly.  I am of a mind that a “general audience” does not exist, and to make work for such an imaginary crowd is merely … Continue reading

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I am thinking of you.  I am thinking like you.  I’m having fun wearing your clothes.  I am freed from myself by working as you.  By borrowing from you, I am finding more of me.  I am not you, but I know … Continue reading

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Space: the perpetual frontier.

Performance-makers need two things: space and time.  These are so basic, so universally required that they become paradoxically difficult to provide.  How do you decide who gets the space and when?  How do you determine “success” when you are providing … Continue reading

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