One-Shot Deal

This fall, I’m starting a new curatorial/dramaturgical project called One-Shot.  Produced in collaboration with Studio 5-2, the project is a web-based, solo performance relay exploring the paradox of isolation in a world full of “social” media.  One-Shot’s pilot season will include solos created and performed by Megan Sprenger, David Thomson, and Aretha Aoki.

Each artist participating in One-Shot receives six hours of rehearsal time at Studio 5-2, during which to create a solo performance specifically for the internet.  The web-based solos will be premiere online, and remain available in a web-based catalogue for performance-viewing at any time.  This chain of archived presentations will be augmented by an online discussion – ok, a blog – through which participating artists can discuss their experiences with the project, as well as their artistic work in general.

One-Shot aims to maximize existing resources to spark creativity and community.

One artist.  One day.  One take.  Infinite possibilities.

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1 Response to One-Shot Deal

  1. missmarymax says:

    I’m so stoked about this… in part because the creative use of social media is something that fascinates both of us… and in part because this is one of those rare Smax projects I can witness without having to find room in my budget for a plane ticket. Woot, woot!

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