Sunday in the Studio

There are a couple of false starts.  Tara and the others are sitting on the floor.  Things take shape, finally.  My back is visible through the cutout.  I hinge, and fall.  I delay and look away.  I lift my fingers and pull tension like taffy.

I space out and nerd out.  One of these days we’ll start that band.  In the meantime, I just crank my laptop to full volume, which ain’t much, especially considering the team of tiny tumblers upstairs.

Gonna find you and take it slowly.

I close my eyes and find the ground.  I cover my face.  I lean into the wall and slide.  The resistence is comforting.

It takes us a while to leave.  Even when I try, I can’t out-stall the master time-bender.  We head across the street for a drink.  We order the same beer, but Tara savors hers, while I bolt mine.  I’ve got a lot to learn, and I’m going to be sore as shit tomorrow.

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1 Response to Sunday in the Studio

  1. Tara says:

    That was amazing, and so detailed! Its fun and thought provoking to look at elements and qualities and quirks that resonate, sometimes beyond awareness.

    p.s your whole blog rocks and it is now living on my bookmark toolbar 🙂

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