Autumn in New York – it’s good to live it again

The crisp air signals that a new season is upon us.  It’s time to pull out the calendar and plot out just how you’ll manage to see all of those performances you want/need to see before the December holidays.  By mid-December, you’ll be cursing your way to your fifth show in a week (again) and swearing off performance for good (again).  (Ok, maybe you wont, but I probably will.)  Now, however, it’s time for optimism.  It’s time for, “Hey, this season looks interesting; I can’t wait to check it all out.”

For my part, here’s what’s on deck for Fall, 2010;

My performance-development series at The Chocolate Factory Theater continues with two installments this fall.  The first is on Tuesday, September 14th, and it will feature works-in-progress from MR Daniel, Rebecca Davis, and Ursula Eagly.  The second installment is on Tuesday, November 9th, with works-in-progress from Liz Santoro, Enrico Wey, and Aynsley Vandenbroucke/Cory Nakasue.  Both showings are free and begin at 7PM.

I’m launching a solo performance relay for the internet, produced in collaboration with the Gibney Dance Center.  Participating artists include Aretha Aoki, Megan Sprenger, and David Thomson.  The project is set to “go live” (which is a funny term, when you think about it in this context, since “online” isn’t really “live” in the sense that most performance is, but I digress…) in October.  Stay tuned.

Archival Dramaturgy Project (Artist Interviews)
I will be conducting and posting more artist interviews this fall.  Check back for discussions with Andrew Schneider, Andrew Dinwiddie/Jeff Larson, and others (who may or may not also be named “Andrew.”)

Program Notes for Dance Theater Workshop
This item on my list is nascent and developing, but don’t be surprised if you see some of my writing in hard copy on 19th Street.

Happy Calendaring…

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