Let’s go for a ride.

On Friday, October 8th at 9PM, a bus will depart from Fort Greene, Brooklyn.  The bus will carry performers.  The bus will carry an audience.  The performers and the audience are likely the same people.  The bus will embark on a tour of “New York as a dance,” or so says Lindsey Drury, the coordinator of this experiment:

“Everything in the world starts with the moving body. You know it is true. I know it is true. So let us celebrate it together, educationally, somatically, on the dance bus, in NYC.”

If you’re up for an adventure, join us on Friday.  I’ll be performing something, and perhaps you will be too.

Totally Lost Bus Tour
Friday, October 8th at 9PM
Tickets are $10 and must be purchased in advance.
Bus departs in front of the Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn.

(Photo courtesy of Corinne Cappelletti)

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1 Response to Let’s go for a ride.

  1. smaxfield says:

    This ended up being pretty amazing. Among the highlights:

    – screaming, “The Misfits, Patti Smith, The Ramones…” in front of what used to be CBGB’s (and is now a high-end clothing store);

    – tromping defiantly through Central Park after midnight to eat cake and read to each other under lamplight; and

    – performing for a growing crowd in Washington Square Park (photo above).

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