Fall Events…

Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks have started their Pumpkin Spice Latte wars, so I guess it’s fall, even though the heat makes it feel otherwise… As the season slowly changes, here is some of what’s up next from me and the Nonlinear Lineage project: 
The Now and Then performance reading series continues at The Abrons Arts Center. This series has been an adventure of insight so far, and I can’t wait to hear what this next round of readers have to share with us. Readings are scheduled for 7PM in the Underground Theater at The Abrons on the following Tuesdays:
September 30th, featuring Esther Neff & Claudia La Rocco
October 28th, featuring Cynthia Carr & John Kelly
November 25th, featuring Ursula Eagly & Jaamil Olawale Kosoko
The THROW series at The Chocolate Factory Theater continues this fall, as well. It’s (unbelievably) the eighth year of the series, which continues to foster focused, artist-driven feedback towards the development of of performance work. Showings are scheduled for 7PM on the following Tuesdays:
October 7th, featuring Anya Liftig, Joe P. Monteleone, & Aynsley Vandenbrouke
October 21st, featuring Lenora Champagne, Dahlia Nayar, & David Thomson
December 16th, featuring Jodi Bender, Tiny Little Band, & Emily Wexler
Also, I’m delighted to announce that Nonlinear Lineage will be featured in this year’s Prelude festival. Elliott Jenetopulos, Laurie Berg, and I will be creating another Over/Heard installation, featuring ephemera and audio recordings from the Nonlinear Lineage collection. You are invited to look, listen, and remember in the lobby of the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center from 3PM until 9PM on October 9th and October 10th.
Finally, I am beyond excited to announce that Nonlinear Lineage is partnering with 53rd State Press to produce a series of small publications. More details coming soon.
Wishing you each a lovely season,
P.S. I’ve also been (very) hard at work with a small team to develop ArtsPool, a cooperative framework for nonprofit arts management. Much more to come on that as well…
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