Artist Interviews: Post-Show Dramaturgy

I conducted what I called an Archival Dramaturgy project, through which I interviewed artists about past works.  The project was an effort to contribute artist-driven, critical dialogue to our permanent record of conversations about performance, which tends to be dominated by press.  It was also an attempt to engage more deeply with the work we create, to discuss what was, instead of always obsessing only over what’s next.

Click on these links to read the interviews:

Beth Gill: Electric Midwife

Andrew Dinwiddie and Jeff Larson: Get Mad at Sin!

Andrew Schneider: Wow + Flutter; (also published by Culturebot)

Karinne Keithley: Montgomery Park; (also published by Culturebot)

Jack Ferver: Death is Certain

Jillian Sweeney: This could be it