Sarah Maxfield is a storyteller.

Her work has taken many forms, and she’s currently writing several YA comic scripts and a flurry of flash fiction. She recently won 2nd place in Voyage YA’s flash fiction contest and was selected as a semifinalist in a flash fiction contest hosted by Cast of Wonders. She was invited to contribute a short story to the forthcoming anthology Queer Beasties, edited by Rob Costello and published by Running Press.

She also reads Tarot.

Maxfield identifies as queer and disabled. She acknowledges that she holds white privilege, cisgender-privilege, straight-passing privilege, and able-passing privilege. She lives with her family and their imaginary cat Dragon in Lenapehoking (Brooklyn).

Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 11.49.44 AM

Image of Maxfield (a figure mostly in shadow) with uplights behind, illuminating a ground grate, a stone wall, and pointed fingers. Photo by Corinne Cappelletti of a solo performed as part of Lindsey Drury’s birthday bus tour roving performance; site: Washington Square Arch.