Sarah Maxfield is a maker with deep roots in dance. These roots inform all of her work, whether writing, collecting oral histories, directing, choreographing, or curating. Her work is guided by questions she learned to ask through dancing. How does time move through this space? How can an audience’s experience be shaped on this journey?

She’s currently writing a comic and a flurry of flash fiction. You can read some of the flash fiction on Ko-fi.

Maxfield identifies as queer and disabled. She also holds white privilege, cisgender-privilege, straight-passing privilege, and able-passing privilege. She is based in Lenapehoking (Brooklyn) on land stolen from the Lenape people, and she’d like to highlight the following folks from whom she’s particularly learned a lot. Please consider reading more from them and contributing to their work:

Imani Barbarin
Lydia X. Z. Brown
Tee Franklin
Sins Invalid
Bree Newsome
Mia Mingus
Keah Brown
Ruth Hopkins

Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 11.49.44 AM

Image of Maxfield (a figure mostly in shadow) with uplights behind, illuminating a ground grate, a stone wall, and pointed fingers. Photo by Corinne Cappelletti of a solo performed as part of Lindsey Drury’s birthday bus tour roving performance; site: Washington Square Arch.