Published Writing

  • Buried Treasure; Voyage Lucky No. 7 Flash Fiction Contest (2nd place winner; publication forthcoming — July 2023)

  • Boomerang Tiara; Wonder Women: NYC’s Heroes of Heterodoxy, Edited by Desert Island founder, Gabe Fowler and City Reliquary founder, Dave Herman
    Poetic essay considering the iconography and impact of Wonder Woman

  • Bracing; WinC Magazine (December 2021)
    Flash fiction story published in quarterly magazine of the Women in Comics Collective

  • Audience-Generated Performance: A Summer Spent Watching; The Brooklyn Rail (September 2011)
    A poetic chronicle ruminating on New York City itself as a performance
  • Conversation Across Time; Contact Quarterly, Contact Quarterly, Vol. 39 No. 1 (Winter/Spring 2014)
    An excerpt from my oral history project (Nonlinear Lineage) threading thematic elements from multiple individual interviews in counterpoint with each other

  • The Meaning of “ Live”; The Brooklyn Rail (April 2012)
    An essay exploring questions around “live-ness” relative to online performance

  • Mapping a Nonlinear Lineage; Movement Research Performance Journal, Issue #44 (Spring 2014)
    An ode to the importance of performance ephemera and preserving our stories

  • An Alternative; Movement Research Critical Correspondence (August 2013; anticipated archives highlight in newsletter September 2021)
    An imagined conversation exploring the impact of parenthood on artistic practice
  • Worth Noting; Claudia La Rocco’s Performance Club (April 2012)
    An essay calling for dance artists to insist on more visibility for their contributions to visual art and their representation in the press. (Note the link is for a PDF as the online publication is no longer available.)

  • Dance and the Museum; Movement Research Critical Correspondence (Dec 2013)
    A commentary on troubling trends of presenting performance as an art object

  • Flight Plan; Movement Research Performance Journal, Issue #30 (Fall 2006)
    A brief exploration of birds as the subject of dance study
  • Context Notes Writer at Dance Theater Workshop, New York, NY
    Wrote program notes to provide context on a number of performances during Dance Theater Workshop’s final season, including works by Faye Driscoll, Neil Greenberg, Rude Mechs, Richard Move, and Verdensteatret